EB2-NIW Visa Business Plan




The EB2-NIW Visa Business Plan is necessary for the development and successful application of an EB2-NIW Visa. Maple Content has considerable experience when it comes to the successful creation and development of a business plan to assist with the application process. Any specific need and requirement can be arranged.

EB2-NIW Visa Business Plan

EB2-NIW Visa Business Plan

A National Interest Waiver petition is part of employment-based immigration services.

When filing for an employment-based second preference immigration petition, the visa is something a business or individual needs to apply for the petition without either a job offer or labor certification.

Maple Content has been able to create and develop a strong business plan to meet any significant need or requirement.

The writing team is more than capable of creating a business plan designed to help with the application process. Combining vast business experience with writing acumen allows the team to work closely with the client to create the best results.

The business plan will be custom-designed to offer the ideal chance to successfully introduce the best options. With a properly-designed, effective business plan, there is the highest chance of a proper application and obtaining the best results. The team is committed to working closely with the client, and this is typical of the service.


  • A multilingual team.
  • Flat pricing structure.
  • Unlimited content revisions.
  • A personalized business plan.
  • Professional graphic designers where necessary.
Content (w/ company):

  • Description of the business.
  • A market and industry analysis.
  • A marketing and personnel plan.
  • Financial projections of up to 5 years.

Content (w/o company):

  • Description of the applicant’s profile.
  • Description regarding the scope of business.
  • Industry and market analysis.
  • Description of the applicant’s contribution to the US.


Maple Content does not deal with the legal aspects of any immigration applications, and our services strictly assist with developing your business plans. The information and feedback we provide are not substitutes for legal advice or professional recommendations for your immigration application program. Any information received from Maple Content is based solely on client interactions and should be verified by a professional who deals with the legalities of immigration. We thereby notify that Maple Content will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the misuse of any information provided in this document.

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