About Us

Why choose Maple Content?

Maple Content is the highly effective creation of Stephen Newall. Stephen is an EB5 verified business plan writer, along with the company itself. A graduate of The University of Cambridge’s Start-up Funding: Pre-seed to Exit program, Stephen founded Oxbridge Content across the pond in England before coming to Canada and the US to form Maple Content.
Maple Content specialises in delivering services across multiple industries thanks to a broad range of staff, including the following:

Onboarding Specialists

Opportunity Validators and Case Experts

Onboarding specialists work with the client to balance their vision with industry expertise and seasoned business acumen.
Business Team Work
Business Plan Writers

Project Managers

Business Plan Consultants

Project managers bring their expertise to bear on a project and consult to make sure that the business plan is a success from beginning to end.

Business Analysts

Reporting Experts and Financial Modelling

Maple Content’s business analysts are CPA and CFA-approved experts who handle due diligence and financial projections.

Creative Illustrators

Creative Illustrators

Design and Brand Enthusiasts

Creative illustrators use considerable industry experience to design and create business plans.

Administration Staff

Document Filing and Maintenance

The admin team works to create seamless transference of documents and professional maintenance of files.

About Us

Maple Content is committed to providing expert and well-crafted business plans which span a range of industries. Thanks to considerable experience, the team of business plan writers available for companies to use are top-notch.

The goal of Maple Content is simple – creating reliable, fully-designed business plans which help to guide companies through challenging periods and deliver a consistent level of quality.

Here to Help

At the end of the day, Maple Content exists to provide businesses with custom, tailored and effective business plans in the US.

The writing team has considerable experience for creating and developing a business plan for any need. Regardless of whether general commercial business plans, visa business plans or immigration business plans are needed, there’s something for every situation.

Contact Maple Content Today

Any business that is looking to make the right decision with regards to business plans to contact the team today. Team members are more than happy to answer any questions, discuss specific requirements, and provide more details about individual services.

The team can be contacted on the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 786 539 5848